Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre is a not-for-profit study site that focuses on providing individual users and groups with a low cost, temporary place to dictate their own methods of work. The centre allows practitioners to come and stay together, to develop projects that require time and space in a flexible, non-pressured environment.

This is a site for research and experimentation, primarily directed towards cultural production and supporting the development of communities. The Observatory does not look to lay claim to work produced here, and the space is not for public presentation per se. Work here is mainly co-initiated rather than steered by traditional modes of curation.

The Observatory also hosts seminars, events and workshops and is open to a range of academic and non-academic discourses; from politics and social sciences to philosophy, bodywork, collective choreography or chat; where discussion can flow from kitchen to sound recording studio, and ideas can bounce between the domes and basements. The Observatory welcomes a diversity of fields and is a forum where different types of knowledge can be tested, shared and extended.

At its core, Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre is an independent project that supports other projects. It is an experiment in process. Click here to view our values and get in touch.