Writing to us about a situation that may have concerned, irritated or hurt you, is work, and in taking part in our accountability process we acknowledge the work that goes into this.

Every accountability process will be different, as we understand that no two matters are the same, and the process is totally guided by your needs and comfort levels. We will never pressure you to do anything that you do not want to do.

The following are our loose guidelines for accountability:
· All of us are constantly evolving, and this is helped by learning from others. In this project, while transgressions can occur, we want to use them as opportunities to learn and self-reflect. This means questioning the behaviours of others in a non-judgemental way and being open to hearing the viewpoints of others if your own behaviour is questioned. 

· Our accountability process is not a form of ‘punishment’, or to be used to decide upon a ‘punishment’ for one or both parties. The BOARC accountability process is to help facilitate discussion, encourage learning and for both parties to come to a place of mutual understanding. We can not guarantee that this will happen however. In any case, BOARC will never give opinions or take sides.  

· If you need support in any way, we will provide it to the best of our ability and/or signpost you to relevant support services. For example, if you are still onsite, we will provide for your immediate safety as a priority.

· We will support you should you wish to report an incident to an external body (eg. police, alternative accountability process etc.)

· If something triggers our personal trauma history, or might blur our view, we will be honest with you about our personal limits and resources. In this case we will suggest someone better able to support you.

· If you have been affected by one of the BOARC team or something about the space; we promise to take time to fully digest, understand and consider how we can personally/ infra-structurally develop.

· Information relating to this accountability matter will not be shared outside of the BOARC team, unless we believe withholding this information puts anyone at direct risk.

And here are our loose guidelines for the process itself:
· To initiate an accountability process, please email us at enquiries@bidstonobservatory.org with the title 'ACCOUNTABILITY'. Every BOARC staff member has access to this email account, so for the matter to remain confidential, please don't provide any details relating to the matter itself within this initial email. The only information we need is for you to specify if there is a specific member of staff you would like to speak with regarding the accountability matter, or if you don't mind which member of staff it is.

· If you specified a member of staff that you'd like to speak to, they will contact you directly to ask how would be best for you to discuss the matter, eg in person, via email, phone call etc. They will then allocate time for you to be heard.

· If your matter is regarding a BOARC staff member, or something about the space, please specify that this is the case within your initial email, and we will arrange a third party to contact you instead.

· After this initial conversation, the manner in which we proceed (or do not proceed) is entirely up to you.

For example:
a. a conversation between you and BOARC
b. a conversation between BOARC and another party/parties
c. a mediated conversation between you and another party/parties
d. something else that seems more appropriate to your specific needs.

· If you find it difficult to decide on a method to proceed, we can talk again at a later point (in a few days? A week?) to help you decide on the best response.

· If you have chosen one option, but your feelings change at a later date, we will understand if you want to address things differently.

· If you would like a conversation between you and BOARC, we will arrange a time for this to happen. This can take place at the observatory, a different location, over a video call, or a phone call.

· If you would like a conversation to take place between BOARC and another party/parties, we will approach them, and invite them to discuss the matter with us. If they accept the invitation, we will arrange a time for this to happen, and present the matter as you have reported. If you request it, we can update you on how the conversation went, but only if the other party consents to this.

· If you would like a mediated conversation between you and another party/parties, we will approach them, and invite them into the conversation. If they accept, we will arrange a time/place for this to happen that works for both of you. During this conversation, either a member of the BOARC team, or a third party will act as a mediator.

· The other party may choose to reject our invitation to take part in the accountability process. If they choose to reject our invitation, we will respect their wishes. All parties must provide consent for us to proceed with the course of action you chose. We will inform you if this happens.

· If you would like to do something else, that is more appropriate for your specific needs, we are happy to discuss possibilities with you.

· If you request it, we can check in with you at a later date, following any conversations that have taken place, or actions taken. We can also keep you updated on any further actions we take as an organisation. 
BOARC's Accountability Process
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