30th April 2019 - KINSHIP & OTHERHOOD

Dinner > 18.00
Screening > 19.30
Reading > The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson > 21.00
Morris Dancers on the hill > Sunrise May Day

- come eat / watch / sleep over - pick 'n' choose! -
(please book in advance if you'd like to stay the night)

Screenings > £5
Sleep over + Screening > £15
Dinner > £4


CHOOSING CHILDREN is an endearing, often funny, film about lesbians and their children. It focuses on interviews with six lesbian-led families, living in different parts of the USA; the women are African-American, white, Latino; the families include couples, single women, a lesbian and gay man co-parenting, and a group of women who share parenting responsibilities.

D Chasnoff, K Klausner, 1984, 45mins
21:00 > READING

The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson is a beautiful tale about love in many forms, and coming into parenthood as queer kin. In the book, Nelson falls in love with Harry Dodge, and we get to examine, with her, the microcosms of family life that refuse binary gender, hetero-narratives of IVF and celebrate multiple forms of desire.
05.38 > SUNRISE

Feel free to join us on Bidston Hill, bleary eyed & blinking, to welcome sun up on May Day, with the Morris Dancing troupe.
is a portrait of the eminent Donna Harraway - a feminist Science & Technologies Professor who has been foundational to understanding ecofeminism in recent years. In this close-up, energetic documentary, film maker Fabrizio Terranova captures Harraway as her enthusiastic and bubbly self - as together they weave a tale for all us critters. Join us for a trans species tale of interaction and kinship.

F. Terranova, 2016,
1hr 30mins
Bedtime >
Last year while forraging in the local woods, we picked mushrooms and made this into tea, with anti-oxidant properties. Partake with stories about how mushrooms will survive us all.


DATA FEELS is a short trailer on long standing lines of research into health, data flow and capture, by Karisa Senavitis. She guides us in an assemblage of the ghost pipe - an astonishing plant used for medicinal properties - and an online community organised around chronic illness, to speak about complex contingencies of health and multi-species communality.

K. Senavitis, 2019,
6 mins
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAST EVENTS:
21st June 2019 - SOLSTICE FEST

Screenings > 18.30
Dinner > 19.30
Ritual > 20.30
Ambient set > 21.00

- come eat / watch / sleep over - pick 'n' choose! -
(please book in advance if you'd like to stay the night)

Screenings/extras > £5
Sleep over + Screening > £15
Dinner > £4


We’ve got a lovely solstice short film collection of faeries, furries & queen bees for your delectation. Bring your wonder and delight, and we’ll supply the bio-degradeable glitter.

Bacchus The Animation Workshop
Nurses Lucy Clout
Faerie Film Eugene Salandra
Muxes Ivan Olita
Krawauli Daniel Moshel
Three examples of myself as Queen Anna Billet
21.00 > AMTRAK
DJ set in the dome

Amtrak stretches time with us, guiding us through the sunset of the longest day of 2019 in one of the observatory’s domes.

Amtrak's split DJ personality sees her reaching for deep, dark, sinister sounds and euphoric ambient and classical soundscapes on radio shows on Subcity, Glasgow & Melodic Distraction, Liverpool, whilst expending beat forward alt club, searing bangers and jagged pop to live audiences.
29th September 2019 - SANDI HUGHES

Screenings > 19.00
Dinner > 20.00

- come eat / watch / sleep over - pick 'n' choose! -
(please book in advance if you'd like to stay the night)

Sleep over + Screening > £15
Dinner > £4


Local videographer Sandi Hughes will select and screen from her archive documenting the Liverpool LGBTQ+ scene from the early 1980s onwards.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------26th May - TENDRILS

Dinner > 18.00
Screening > 19.30
Mushroom Tea > Bedtime

Domes FM broadcast with
AND Festival & Light Night