Domes FM is an artist run online radio station, broadcasting from the basement of Bidston Observatory in the former IBM mainframe computer room. Tune in and see you in the chatroom < <

Domes FM started out playing experimental, electronic and underground music with resident and invited DJs. But then Domes started to persuade visitors passing through The Observatory to also contribute bits and bobs, chit chat, live readings, poetry, youtube playlist mega mixes. Very nice.

Being artist run Domes has a pretty ad hoc approach, no commercial sponsors and a dedicated handful of listeners, who we love dearly. At the moment we're proudly unprofessional which also acts as a thin mask for the numerous blunders, boo boos, dead air and subsequent guffaws that of course occur as we learn on the job. Although that does happen a lot less now...kinda

Thanks for visiting this page and Shout Out Domes crew - hold tight!
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Following persistent drone clouds over The Hill, the close cadré-cum-confidantes of D.O.M.E.S. over @ Cartier 4 Everyone have offered to outsource the labour and pirate our signal direct from the '3parks' area of South Liverpool. Coming at you, therefore, from 'over the water', anticipate contemporary music from everywhere courtesy the citizens of nowhere... Plus hot-take chat.

We're now here ~ wherever that may be. Brace for a swill of sounds that count, made by people the world over; non-sponsored plugs of stuff worth paying attention to; and a subversion of the tried 'n' true radio phone-in format (read: surprise phone-OUT).

C4E started as a free-entry club night in Liverpool city centre and has evolved into sprawling nebulae of online radio shows, tautly-curated late-night dance-floor line-ups, and above all a platform foregrounding the overlooked progenitors of underground electronic music, then and now. Queer-friendly and here for the women and people of colour that have always been the ones pushing club music forward to where it moves thru today, come bathe in the outlook and soak up the mid-week #mood